5 Steps to Online Dating Effectively

Finally!!  Tips and Tricks to starting your Dating online profile, geared specifically to women over 50!

In this video series you’ll learn:

– 1 –

How to pick a dating app thats perfect for your style.

– 2 –

How to take Profile pictures that will get you noticed.

– 3 –

Creating a written online profile that will make you different and stand out from the rest.

– 4 –

What not to include in your written profile.

– 5 –

What to say and how to qualify men to get you on that first date.

Its time to get your Fun and Fearless warrior on !

Grab a Glass of wine or Margarita and let’s sit down and do this!

Picture yourself as a beautiful warrior goddess getting ready to go to fight. But you’re not going out to slay a dragon you’re going out to fight for what you deserve, a quality man!

You deserve a future full of happiness and love in your life! Let me help you get that, my fellow fun and fearless warrior goddess!


You will feel 100% confident about what you learned in this course.

With the right dating app on your phone, you’ll be focused in the right place to find the quality men you’d be interested in dating.

You’ll have a profile that you’ll be excited and proud to show off, which attracts just the right type of guy for you.

You’ll be shuffling through more pictures of potential dates, you’ll have to add more date nights to your calendar.

A Note from Barb

I am a certified life and dating coach who knows what it is like to start to date after a divorce. After a failed 23 year marriage I thought the dating world would be like falling off a horse. You just get back on. I was wrong, wow how the dating world has changed.

For the past 11 years, I have educated and navigated the dating world to a point of having fun, while dating regularly and having long-term relationships.

I want to give you priceless info to save you time and suffering of reentering and navigating the dating world and have fun doing it as a dating warrior goddess.


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